How it Works

How Smartcool Works Graph


The Smartcool Principle Explained:

All cycling air condition and refrigeration systems work the same way. Firstly, we all understand that the thermostat calls for cooling and the compressor starts. And when satisfied, the compressor stops. And so while thermostats are inexpensive and reliable, they are exceedingly simple and stupid, costing energy dollars. Here is why.

The way refrigeration systems work, at compressor start, suction pressure is always high, so capacity and efficiency are always high at start-up. But in 12-18 minutes, the exact opposite is the case . . . the compressor has, by then, spent a long time struggling to pull refrigerant through the system, dropping suction pressure to a minimum. And minimum suction pressure always means minimum capacity and minimum efficiency. That is why your house cools quickly at first, and then slows way down.

So the question is: How do we maximize running at high suction pressure to save energy, while minimizing run-time at lower efficiencies? Clearly, that requires a smart, adaptive controller to figure out the key sweet spots and predict the next cycle, the Smartcool device.

This is precisely how the Smartcool works. The computer monitors every single cycle and learns how the system and facility respond to each other. Then it carefully and conservatively “cherry picks” the most efficient part of every cycle, to deliver the highest possible efficiency, while maintaining the specified temperature. And further, since the Smartcool technology was originally developed for up to 8 channel commercial ESM systems, the consumarized ECO3 controller remains the only thermodynamic 1 & 2 channel optimizes on the market.