Below you will find a collection of useful documents and files helpful to sell the Smartcool ECO3, as well as calculate savings/ROI, installation, and perform diagnostics and validation.

Sales Presentation

This provides a valuable oversight to Smartcool technology as well as information on sales and applications. It is best presented by a competent engineer, though a narrated version is also available in downloads.
Click here for Sales Presentation


Sales/Calculator Spreadsheets

These spreadsheets are useful in the preparation of proposals to predict savings and ROI as well as worksheets for analysis and savings dollar calculations from an actual Smartcool data.
Click here for Spreedsheets


Manuals and Instructions

Here you will find ECO3  user and installer manuals and other information for operation and troubleshooting.
Click here for Manuals and Instructions


Sales Representative Support Material

Everything begins with a sale. Here is a pot full of useful sales information, brochures, presentations, tips and methods. Enjoy!
Dropbox Full of Sales Representative Material Downloads


Smartcool Videos

Videos are a handy and clear method to quickly convey a point or explanation. These are a starting point, more on the way.
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