bruce-on-roof-topSmartcool Southeast, a division of Lighthouse Energy Company, is based in West Palm Beach, Florida—conveniently located in the largest air conditioning and refrigeration market in the world. We are an authorized independent distributor of Smartcool Systems.

Here is our story

In the mid-80’s, a clever Australian refrigeration engineer, Tony Murphy observed that strategically unloading a system would maintain temperature and significantly reduce energy consumption. This was not strictly a revelation, Carrier had looked at the concept and management concluded that development would be costly and expensive and require a complicated adaptive control system design and a computer required.

Tony never got the memo apparently, and invented a computer based multichannel learning algorithm that led to the ESM, still a state of the art technology used in rack and chill water systems. By 2006, Mr. Murphy’s company/license was acquired by newly formed Vancouver based Canadian corporation Smartcool Systems. Bringing new capital into the technology, in 2009, Smartcool Systems developed and introduced the ECO3, a consumarized version of the ESM for DX systems (meaning systems that cycle,  such as a residential AC).

About this time Bruce Kemp, a former rocket engineer and Carrier global product development manager turned contractor, came across the new ECO3 and instantly recognized the theoretical basis and practical applications from his work at Carrier. This led to a long and close relationship with Smartcool Systems which continues to this day.
Mr. Kemp provides ongoing product development, technical and warranty support to Smartcool Systems as well as the distribution network in addition to fee based consulting/installation services and product distribution.

The ECO3 and ESM are Smartcool’s retrofit technologies that reduce the energy consumption of compressors in air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump systems (HVAC-R). Saving an average of 15% to 30%, the ECO3 and ESM deliver a rapid return on investment in 12 to 36 months. The technology has been validated by rigorous third party testing, government organizations and over 28,000 private business and residential installations.