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The Smartcool ECO3 energy saving device optimizes Air Conditioning and Refrigeration systems, saving energy costs up to 25%.

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Save up to 25% on Energy Costs

Think Like a Thermostat

Smartcool Energy Saving Device optimizes your A/C, automatically!

Cycle Optimization

A/C and Refrigeration are first designed to profit the manufacturer, leaving unused savings and efficiencies on the table. The Smartcool ECO3 computer “learns” your system and application and then optimizes each cycle to squeeze the absolute highest efficiency possible out of your system. Learn more about compressor cycles, and how Smartcool optimizes them.

Smartcool Installation

The Smartcool ECO3 is designed for compatibility with a wide range of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration control systems, from 24 to 240 volts and in tough, rugged service. Once installed, it continuously monitors the thermostat demands and adjusts each and every cycle for maximum efficiency and savings, all the while maintaining temperature control priority. Learn how this is accomplished, and how to install a Smartcool device.

Technical Support

See the downloads section for plenty of info on sales, applications, installation, and the built-in verification and evaluation of savings. Want more technical or specific info or need help troubleshooting? Click here for additional support.

Become a Smartcool Energy Saving Device Reseller

HVAC company: Supplement your revenue. Start selling and installing the ECO3 energy saving device to increase your company revenue while saving money on your client’s energy bill.

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Smartcool Southeast is glad to help and answer any question you may have about the Smartcool ECO3 and its applications. But please, see the download section first. If you cannot find the answer to your question or still want to chat, by all means send me a message or call.


Smartcool Southeast is a division of Lighthouse Energy Company, an authorized independent distributor of Smartcool Systems.